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✉ Web3Mail

The Web3Mail tool offers a secure method to manage email-based communications via the blockchain. This mechanism helps protect the personal information of the email recipients through use of Ethereum addresses.

The email address is stored as a protectedData entity using the iExec Data Protector tool. Through this mechanism, users have complete control over which applications may use their email address for sending communications. Sending a user a message, therefore, requires knowledge of the Ethereum address of their protectedData as well positive authorization for your account to contact them. Your account may be bound to either an application or an individual. At any time a user may revoke permissions and this revocation is immediate, giving users complete control over the privacy and security of their information.

Apps using the Web3Mail tool can:

  • enable an entity (such as an application provider or an end-user) to email an Ethereum account holder without knowing their email address
  • grant users complete control over which entities are authorized to use their email address to send them communications

The Web3Mail tool currently supports the following methods:

  • fetchMyContacts — retrieve a list of Ethereum addresses whose owners have authorized you to email them
  • fetchUserContacts — retrieve a list of Ethereum addresses whose owners have authorized a given entity to email them
  • sendEmail — send an email message to a user knowing only the Ethereum address for the protectedData containing their email address