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🧙 Oracle Factory

Oracle Factory introduces a streamlined and efficient way for developers to integrate real-world data into blockchain applications. Leveraging the power of the iExec decentralized cloud infrastructure, Oracle Factory ensures the creation of reliable and trustworthy oracles.

Key features of Oracle Factory include:

  • createOracle — This method allows for the creation of custom oracles from any API, with a limitation of one data return per oracle. This feature is pivotal in fetching specific, relevant data for decentralized applications, Oracles can be created solely from APIs to return data types such as 'number', 'string', and 'boolean', ensuring flexibility and compatibility with various data sources.
  • readOracle — This method allows users to retrieve the value from the oracle.
  • updateOracle — This method ensures that the oracle stays current by fetching the latest data from its linked API. It maintains the oracle's relevance and accuracy, crucial for real-time data-dependent applications.

Oracles created with Oracle Factory can be showcased in a dedicated gallery, allowing for broader accessibility and application.

With its cross-chain functionality, extending from the iExec Sidechain to networks like Ethereum and Polygon, Oracle Factory demonstrates remarkable versatility. It is a critical tool for developers looking to bridge the gap between blockchain and the real world, democratizing access to reliable data for DApps.