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Data sharing - Renting

Rental agreements are one of the options given for distributing a collection owner's protected data. A rental agreement has the following attributes:

Rental Price

The collection owner allows a consumer to pay a set price to access the data. This is a one-time up-front cost.

Rental Duration

The collection owner allows the renter access to the data for a set period of time.

Renter protection

The Data Sharing smart contract ensures the renter maintains access for the duration of their rental term. Once the rental term is up, the renter loses access to the protected data. This assurance is critical to the renting paradigm to ensure trust between the data owner and the renter.

Modifying rental terms

The collection owner has a few options once they list protected data for rent:

  • The owner may remove the rental terms and effectively de-list the protected data
  • The owner may also modify the rental price or duration

Making either of these chances is effective immediately but only for future rentals. The Data Sharing smart contract enforces any ongoing rental agreements until the terms expire.