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DataProtector Core ​

The DataProtector tool allows application developers to provide users with unparalleled ownership over their data. End users gain the ability to invoke iExec apps without ever exposing their data to any other party. They gain complete privacy of personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive classes of data.

This approach to data management relies on:

  • end-to-end encryption of data with access controlled entirely by the owner of the data
  • confidential computing technology that ensures only authorized apps are permitted access to a user's data
  • smart contracts to manage an iExec application's permissions for a user's encrypted data

DataProtector Core module contains the following set of methods:

  • getGrantedAccess β€” retrieve a list of all authorized users and applications for a protectedData object containing a user's data
  • getProtectedData β€” retrieve a list of all protected data for one owner and/or data schema
  • grantAccess β€” authorize an application to process a user's data without exposing the data to any external system or user review
  • processProtectedData β€” process a protectedData object containing a user's data with a specified iExec application
  • protectData β€” safeguard data by encrypting it and recording ownership as an NFT
  • revokeOneAccess β€” remove a specific access previously granted on a protectedData
  • revokeAllAccess β€” remove all access granted to any iExec applications or user for a protectedData object
  • transferOwnership β€” transfer a protectedData object to a new owner

Sandbox ​

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Corresponding GitHub repository:

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