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Apps Whitelist

In order to consume a protected data, an iExec TEE dApp needs to be provided.


TEE stands for Trusted Execution Environment. Find more details here:

The story goes as follow:

  1. The collection owner adds a protected data to a collection. When doing so, they need to set an addOnlyAppWhitelist parameter (see here). This parameter is the address of a whitelist smart contract that contains applications allowed to consume the protected data.

  2. When a user wants to consume the protected data, they need to provide the address of the application they want to use to consume the data (See consumeProtectedData  app parameter). This chosen application must be in the whitelist defined by the collection owner.

For this addOnlyAppWhitelist, you are free to use:


that contains apps created for the purpose of Content Creator usecase-demo. This apps whitelist is managed by iExec.

You can explore this apps whitelist on

For the consumeProtectedData() method, you can use the following iExec TEE dApp:


In the context of Content Creator usecase-demo, the iExec TEE dApp is very simple:

  1. Download the protected data from IPFS. It expects to find a property named file in the protected data.
  "file": "<ArrayBuffer>"
  1. Encrypt the protected data with the beneficiary public key.

  2. Re-upload the encrypted data to IPFS and return the URL.