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🔐 DataProtector 2.0.0 beta

DataProtector simplifies secure data management, offering users essential tools for protecting, managing, and sharing their data effectively.


You are currently viewing the documentation for DataProtector v2.
You can find the documentation for v1 here.

DataProtector Core

As the foundational component of DataProtector, DataProtector Core provides essential functionalities for data protection. Users can encrypt their data and record ownership on a smart contract, ensuring confidentiality and traceability. Granting access to authorized applications is streamlined, facilitating secure data management.

DataProtector Sharing

Building upon DataProtector Core, DataProtector Sharing introduces advanced features for data sharing and ownership transfer. Users can securely transfer ownership of protected data, enabling collaboration and potential monetization opportunities. This module empowers users to share and manage their data securely, fostering innovation and collaboration in the digital realm.

Which one to use?

With DataProtector Core, you can grant access to your protected data to a specific user.

  • You define the number of times the user can access the data.
  • You should choose an iDapp (iExec TEE Dapp) that will be able to process your protected data.
  • You'll have to sign a transaction at the moment you grant access to the user and the iDapp (iExec TEE Dapp).

With DataProtector Sharing, you can distribute your protected data to a wider audience.

  • You don't need to know the user's Ethereum address.
  • You define a period of time and a price for which the user can access the data.
  • Any user can access your content as long as they comply with your distribution and monetization choices.