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💡 What we do

iExec's distinct approach helps protect your digital estate* while simultaneously growing its value. Our technology couples decentralized computing with a built-in blockchain protocol and support for cutting-edge cryptographic protocols. This makes iExec an ideal choice for individuals and organizations seeking to optimize their computing resources while prioritizing security and privacy.

Reasons to choose iExec

iExec is the perfect platform for developers interested in privacy, ownership, and monetization.


iExec gives developers powerful tools to build and deploy their decentralized applications. Confidential data is encrypted and stored on a decentralized network, ensuring protection from unauthorized access. iExec also employs advanced confidential computing techniques to ensure that data remains secure and private even when processed on untrusted remote servers.

This unique approach guarantees that data is protected from unauthorized access and tampering, even if the underlying hardware or operating system is compromised. This privacy-by-design principle guarantees that no one can access or copy confidential data unless explicitly granted access by the owner. To support this, iExec offers a powerful API to grant users fine-grained control over authorizations for access to their data.


iExec provides a reliable mechanism for developers to retain ownership of their applications and data. This is a key feature of iExec's decentralized nature leveraging Ethereum blockchain technology. The platform employs blockchain smart contracts to store access control rules, providing a tamper-proof implementation.

These mechanisms ensure data owners can grant or revoke access to their data on demand. Changes to authorization take effect immediately as part of execution of the smart contracts. The distributed ledger ensures an immutable record of ownership and transactions on data.


iExec gives developers powerful options for monetization of their applications and data. An easy to understand pay-per-task model helps developers rent their applications and empowers users to monetize usage of their own data. With iExec, developers also earn rewards for sharing their computing resources with the network.

Adopting iExec

Through our integrated approach to distributed computing, iExec provides the foundational technology for developers to build entirely new types of Web3 applications. iExec technologies allow users to store, process, and share their data while maintaining control over its usage and privacy. Review our use cases for further examples of how iExec can help you connect with your users and support their needs for confidentiality and security.

Use Cases

*digital estate represents every digital asset that you own and can create value from. This can be from an email address to an entire application.