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Privacy Enhancing Marketing

The Web3 ecosystem grants users the power to employ blockchain wallets for storing and managing their digital assets. These wallets are often used to represent a user's digital identity based on their personally identifiable information. This presents a huge privacy risk due to the ledger housing their assets and their transaction history.

A central use case of iExec, privacy-enhancing marketing, provides a novel approach to communications between Web3 users and decentralized applications (dApps) while prioritizing user privacy and consent. This approach combined targeted marketing and user engagement without compromising the privacy of individuals. Importantly, these tools empower users to monetize direct marketing actions, creating a more equitable and user-centric ecosystem.

Key Components of Privacy-Enhancing Marketing:

  • User Consent Management: Users have the power to explicitly authorize the sharing of their personal data with third parties.
  • Secure Data Sharing Protocols: Confidential computing technology allows for secure data sharing between users and third parties.
  • Privacy-Preserving Communication Channels: Third parties use secured communications channels to contact users without accessing the user's personal data directly.
  • Targeted marketing without personal data exposure: Third parties can execute targeted marketing campaigns without the need to directly access your users' personal data.
  • Monetizing direct marketing actions: Users are empowered to monetize their engagement with direct marketing campaigns. By participating in targeted marketing efforts, users can earn rewards such as cryptocurrency or utility tokens.
  • One of the key goals of this use case is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship whereby users can share their preferences and interests while maintaining control over their privacy. This new paradigm for communication and engagement in the Web3 ecosystem allows you to build trust-based relationships with your users. Leveraging cutting-edge privacy-preserving technologies and prioritizing user consent allows Web3 users and distributed applications to interact and share information without compromising user privacy. Of key interest to users is the ability to monetize their involvement in direct marketing actions, fostering a more equitable and user-centric digital environment.

Try the demo:

You can view a live demo of the Privacy-Enhancing Marketing demo on our website. It requires logging in with your Ethereum wallet.

Privacy Enhancing Marketing Demo

GitHub repository:

Our GitHub repository has the full code behind the demo, along with additional documentation on how to employ it. We also provide guidance on how you can integrate the demo within your own live applications. You have the option of running the demo locally, or within docker, using the directions in the guide.

PEM use case demo

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