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📽 Use case demo

Here you'll find several use cases built using iExec's tools. These examples demonstrate ways to use iExec's features across multiple industries and applications to ensure data privacy and ownership while sharing and monetizing computing resources.

These examples combine our tools in different ways. For example, the privacy enhancing marketing use case uses the Web3Mail tool to send directed marketing communications to a user's email address. It employs the DataProtector tool to hide the user's email address and personal information. Aspects of the DataProtector tool also allow users to set a price for accessing their protected data, such as their email address, allowing the user to monetize attempts to directly market to them.

Combining the tools in such a novel way inverts the typical marketing paradigm. Users have an inbuilt incentive to maintain an accurate profile to receive highly relevant marketing materials, and an incentive to access them as they're receiving a monetary incentive. Marketers have an inbuilt incentive to better match their offerings to a target audience. They may pay more for each message but can gain additional confidence that fewer messages are targeting uninterested parties.

Integration opportunities

The iExec APIs support a wide range of modern programming paradigms. The most common way to interact with our services is through standard TypeScript integrations. Our libraries rely on Web3-standard techniques such as JSON formats for request and response objects. Doing so ensures the iExec tools will integrate seamlessly with your custom applications. Your end users don't need to know they're interacting with distributed applications or the blockchain. They'll interact with your platform as always and you can provide them a greater assurance of privacy and control over their information.

The content creator use case, powered by our DataProtector API, gives a clean example of how our tools can integrate with your application. This use case showcases how a user can create and share content and use smart contracts to earn compensation when their content is accessed. This tool is a great candidate for applications such as a website to share instructional videos. You can recruit a group of creators who are automatically compensated when certain conditions are met, such as view length and audience engagement. Using our DataProtector API within your web application shields users from the complexity of blockchain while still delivering to them the benefits of distributed ledger and smart contract technologies.